Sunday, 16 November 2014


So, exams are in a little over a week. Luckily, we don't have a reading period with which to extend the agony. So I get a weekend between when classes end and exams begin to learn a semester's worth of stuff in four classes I don't understand. Awesome. So, generally, I'm starting to panic. My paper, which is up to the 25 page minimum, is STILL not done. And so far I have 124 footnotes which need to be blue booked.

Add this to my general depression and you have one fucking stressed out Lexi. And tonight I have to continue the tradition of breaking the Passover kosher-ness with decidedly. Unkosher for Passover pizza, so work won't really be getting done.

And I want to go out to dinner at some point this weekend. And the carnival is in town, and God I love carnivals. Really, it is one of those extremely happy things that I love from my childhood and I act like a child and it is fucking awesome. Of course, I don't know if I even CAN go, as I was not invited - apparently my friends find it extremely funny to make fun of my hyper-sensitive stressed out state and specifically dis-include me from activities they know I'd enjoy because it's HI-larious to make fun of your depressed friends.

Any hoo, the long and the short of it is, if I ever think it is a good idea to take five classes that I actually have to WORK* for again, you all out there in blog land have the permission to bash me over the head repeatedly until I drop one of them. Really, this was a bad idea. God, this really sucks. Soon I will retreat into the cave of studying, coming out for the occasional meal.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lexi Bunny

Lexi is the trendy female rabbit, Lola Bunny's descendant, and second-in-command with pink on her uniform. Lexi is the team's eavesdropper. She is the only female team member as well as considered to be Ace's second-in-command. Before gaining her powers, Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad.

The captain, afraid she would be overshadowed in terms of skill, did not accept her. Nevertheless, Lexi is the most agile and acrobatic member of the team. Her relation to Ace, if any, is unclear. She could also be in love with Ace and does seem to care deeply about him, though as possible descendants, it may be moreover a close familial bond. Lexi occasionally expresses concern about her looks, the first time being in the pilot episode "Loonatics on Ice" when Zadavia tells them about the freeze, Lexi mutters about how wearing a sweater would make her look chubby.

A further example is in "The World Is My Circus" after being mutated by the DNA scrambler of Ring Master and Otto she says that they can't keep fighting and the Pepe Le Pew look is not her. This is an ironic statement as she along with all the other Loonatics would eventually encounter Pierre Le Pew who observed her placing a Pterosaur back into the Acmetropolis Zoo and Pierre attempted to flirt with/hit on her by complimenting her looks. Lexi however was predictably repulsed by Pierre's stench and creepy mannerisms. Lexi also has sea sickness.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Atherosperma moschatum, the Southern Sassafras or Blackheart Sassafras is an evergreen tree native to the cool temperate rainforests of Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales in Australia. It is common in the rainforests of Tasmania and Victoria, but more scattered and rare in the higher altitudes of eastern New South Wales. The northernmost area is at Mount Grundy, west of Port Macquarie.

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Day off!

Day off!
Ah, a lazy day off from interviewing. It's so odd how I have been lazy and stress free my whole vacation from school only to be completely stressed my last week (not helped by the fact that my professors have already been sending me assignments, and I left all my books in Charlottesville - so I have to get back there ASAP so I can get that reading done, and clean the disaster that I call an apartment).

Of course, a day off means everyone starts bugging me. My dad woke me up at 7:30 so he could go pick up his car after work. When I get home I discover my dog (see below, cutest, yet naughtiest pooch in the world) has eaten some leftover Christmas candy wrappers and all(which was in the living room, which she is not allowed in) and thrown it up on the family room rug. I can't find the carpet cleaner, so I've only gotten part of it up. That and since my mother has been in Atlantic City my dad has not been kept in check and is making a mess of the whole house. I don't like messes, so this is very upsetting and I just can't keep up with him.

I should have just gone to AC with my mother, except for the little fact that I have no money which does not need to be paid back in 2 and a half years. My mother's response to this argument for not joining her was that I could win money and not have any loans anymore. I responded by staring at her in disbelief. See, I used to be an avid gambler back when I had money (you know, when I used to have a "job" - for those not in the know, in my previous life I was a tax accountant). My family is full of gamblers (except my dad) and we regularly make trips to Atlantic City (especially as it is only 30 minutes from where most of my family has shore houses - ah, the shore - and only 2 hours from where we live the rest of the year). Heck, I've been to Las Vegas 4 times and I'm only 24! Please don't even ask how many times my mother and brother have gone to Vegas. Now, we are all responsible gamblers, we never lose more than we can afford to and see our losses as "entertainment expense." I never have gambled with money I don't have. Therefore, it stands to reason that I am taking a 3 year hiatus from the sport (if I get a well-paying job this summer, I may take a little bitty trip to AC). My mother and brother do not understand this (and my younger brother, who will be turning 21 in my 3rd year of law school, has told me I better put something aside for a November trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the occasion). What part of "living off loans" and "don't want to spend more than I have to" does my family not understand. My mother always is telling me, "Oh, you can have a little fun with your loan money". I can't help but think that either my mother hasn't realized exactly how much I will be in debt at the end of these three years, or that she is delusional and still thinks I have a job. Sigh, what is to be done with parents?

Well, now I'm off to Target (which they do not have in Charlottesville yet) to buy some glasses. Ah, the crazy life I lead.

Sunday, 9 January 2005


I am finished my writing sample! I'm sure it's a piece of crap, but dammit it's done. You should all be proud of me, as I am done something well in advance of the dealine, which happens so rarely I feel a sense of emptiness when it does. I think: "Well, what do I do now?"

I'll tell you what I'll do! I'll post on my blog!

And maybe I'll go to dinner with my parents, even though that will require changing out of my jeans and sweatshirt and slippers and put on decent "real people" clothes (as opposed to "college student" clothes - these are my mothers terms. I have declined to tell her that I wore my fuzzy leaopard print slippers and track suit to every class in December. I was stylin'). So, off I go, to make myself presentable to the world. Tommorow and Tuesday I have to wear a suit.... blech!

OK, toodles......

OK, I'm really going to work now....

OK, so I've been up for almost six hours now and I've done nothing except open up the documents I want to edit. But I have posted pictures to my blog, so I guess that's good. Sigh! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

I feel so loved that people (or more accurately, person) are posting comments! Yay!

Now, to get some content so they (he) come back.


Good morning all! So, today I was supposed to wake up early and get a lot of crap done. Well, so far, little has gotten done except for the fact that I am showered before noon, which is a new record for vacation and Sunday.

Anyhoo, one of the things I need to get done is my writing sample for a law firm interview I have tomorrow. Somehow I got interviews at two firms over this vacation (which is awesome) and I hopefully will be offered a summer associate position at one of them. The only problem: writing sample. I am a horrible writer by legal standards (or at least the standards taught at my school). I'm far too concise. I was an accounting major undergrad and well, accountants don't dig on verbosity. Anything useful that needs to be said, can be said in 100 words or less. Well, needless to say legal writing is a lot different, and I'm struggling. So, I have one last chance to learn how to write today. At least the other firm doesn't require writing.

I also have to print out my transcript today for the interviews. Since my law school transcript is not available, they want my undergrad transcript. Lets just say that the first semester they will look at will be less than stellar (Cs and one lovely D), so I'm annoyed at the fact that one little mistake is going to continue to haunt me forever.

Well, at least I look pretty in my suit. I really look like a lawyer, which is much more important than acting like a lawyer in my opinion.

OK, enough ranting about interviews. Hope y'all have a good Sunday. I may be back later if something pisses me off.