Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Day off!

Day off!
Ah, a lazy day off from interviewing. It's so odd how I have been lazy and stress free my whole vacation from school only to be completely stressed my last week (not helped by the fact that my professors have already been sending me assignments, and I left all my books in Charlottesville - so I have to get back there ASAP so I can get that reading done, and clean the disaster that I call an apartment).

Of course, a day off means everyone starts bugging me. My dad woke me up at 7:30 so he could go pick up his car after work. When I get home I discover my dog (see below, cutest, yet naughtiest pooch in the world) has eaten some leftover Christmas candy wrappers and all(which was in the living room, which she is not allowed in) and thrown it up on the family room rug. I can't find the carpet cleaner, so I've only gotten part of it up. That and since my mother has been in Atlantic City my dad has not been kept in check and is making a mess of the whole house. I don't like messes, so this is very upsetting and I just can't keep up with him.

I should have just gone to AC with my mother, except for the little fact that I have no money which does not need to be paid back in 2 and a half years. My mother's response to this argument for not joining her was that I could win money and not have any loans anymore. I responded by staring at her in disbelief. See, I used to be an avid gambler back when I had money (you know, when I used to have a "job" - for those not in the know, in my previous life I was a tax accountant). My family is full of gamblers (except my dad) and we regularly make trips to Atlantic City (especially as it is only 30 minutes from where most of my family has shore houses - ah, the shore - and only 2 hours from where we live the rest of the year). Heck, I've been to Las Vegas 4 times and I'm only 24! Please don't even ask how many times my mother and brother have gone to Vegas. Now, we are all responsible gamblers, we never lose more than we can afford to and see our losses as "entertainment expense." I never have gambled with money I don't have. Therefore, it stands to reason that I am taking a 3 year hiatus from the sport (if I get a well-paying job this summer, I may take a little bitty trip to AC). My mother and brother do not understand this (and my younger brother, who will be turning 21 in my 3rd year of law school, has told me I better put something aside for a November trip to Las Vegas to celebrate the occasion). What part of "living off loans" and "don't want to spend more than I have to" does my family not understand. My mother always is telling me, "Oh, you can have a little fun with your loan money". I can't help but think that either my mother hasn't realized exactly how much I will be in debt at the end of these three years, or that she is delusional and still thinks I have a job. Sigh, what is to be done with parents?

Well, now I'm off to Target (which they do not have in Charlottesville yet) to buy some glasses. Ah, the crazy life I lead.

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