Sunday, 9 January 2005


Good morning all! So, today I was supposed to wake up early and get a lot of crap done. Well, so far, little has gotten done except for the fact that I am showered before noon, which is a new record for vacation and Sunday.

Anyhoo, one of the things I need to get done is my writing sample for a law firm interview I have tomorrow. Somehow I got interviews at two firms over this vacation (which is awesome) and I hopefully will be offered a summer associate position at one of them. The only problem: writing sample. I am a horrible writer by legal standards (or at least the standards taught at my school). I'm far too concise. I was an accounting major undergrad and well, accountants don't dig on verbosity. Anything useful that needs to be said, can be said in 100 words or less. Well, needless to say legal writing is a lot different, and I'm struggling. So, I have one last chance to learn how to write today. At least the other firm doesn't require writing.

I also have to print out my transcript today for the interviews. Since my law school transcript is not available, they want my undergrad transcript. Lets just say that the first semester they will look at will be less than stellar (Cs and one lovely D), so I'm annoyed at the fact that one little mistake is going to continue to haunt me forever.

Well, at least I look pretty in my suit. I really look like a lawyer, which is much more important than acting like a lawyer in my opinion.

OK, enough ranting about interviews. Hope y'all have a good Sunday. I may be back later if something pisses me off.

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