Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lexi Bunny

Lexi is the trendy female rabbit, Lola Bunny's descendant, and second-in-command with pink on her uniform. Lexi is the team's eavesdropper. She is the only female team member as well as considered to be Ace's second-in-command. Before gaining her powers, Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad.

The captain, afraid she would be overshadowed in terms of skill, did not accept her. Nevertheless, Lexi is the most agile and acrobatic member of the team. Her relation to Ace, if any, is unclear. She could also be in love with Ace and does seem to care deeply about him, though as possible descendants, it may be moreover a close familial bond. Lexi occasionally expresses concern about her looks, the first time being in the pilot episode "Loonatics on Ice" when Zadavia tells them about the freeze, Lexi mutters about how wearing a sweater would make her look chubby.

A further example is in "The World Is My Circus" after being mutated by the DNA scrambler of Ring Master and Otto she says that they can't keep fighting and the Pepe Le Pew look is not her. This is an ironic statement as she along with all the other Loonatics would eventually encounter Pierre Le Pew who observed her placing a Pterosaur back into the Acmetropolis Zoo and Pierre attempted to flirt with/hit on her by complimenting her looks. Lexi however was predictably repulsed by Pierre's stench and creepy mannerisms. Lexi also has sea sickness.